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Liliana Ghiani

Yoga instructor
Your personal yoga instructor
I am an energetic Italian former lawyer, who moved to London 8 years ago where I first practiced Bikram yoga. It was love at first sight! I immediately felt addicted to this discipline, to the lovely fatigue and sweaty room, love the energy after the hard work! My appetite got adjusted, after a couple of weeks my body could recognize what was healthy for me, no more chocolate, alcohol has been drastically cut down, better sleep and beautiful skin to not to mention a shape after a couple of months. During my first 30 days yoga challenge I lost 5 kg and realized how many benefits yoga can gift to your body. Being relocated to the other city I had to stop my yoga practice for a long time. I could not be consistent with the Bikram yoga's practice until I got sick. At the beginning of 2014 I found out to suffer from hyperthyroidism and the doctor strongly advised me to take medications for all my life in order to balance the hormones. I believed in alternative remedies, therefore I had first several acupuncture sessions and I started practicing Bikram yoga every day, sometimes joining double and triple classes per day, and after six months my thyroid's dysfunction disappeared! At that time I decided to join the Teacher Training to share my personal experience with as many people as possible! I graduated fall 2014 and I am so grateful for all the benefits I can get from practicing and teaching. Since then after just a week from my graduation in Kao Lak Thailand I started teaching full time and I have never stopped. I first have been traveling, I taught in Bangkok, then Indonesia, Jakarta, Italy, Sardinia and Rome, in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and India in New Dehli and Rishikesh. In 2015 I have been living in India for more than three months in a Ashram to learn about Hatha, Hatha flow, Ashtanga, shatkarma, mudra, mantras, pranayama and meditation. Completing 500 hours Hatha yoga Teacher training at Shiva Tattva school. Since 2015 I have been teaching in Dubai. In 2016 I also joined 200 hours vinyasa Teacher training and Groovy kids qualification.
“Never too old Never too bad Never too late Never too sick to start from scratch once again” Bikram Choudhury
Since I started the yoga path I have been a witness of hundreds of miracles, the body has the power to heal itself and that it happens when there is a harmony between body, soul and mind
Certified Ashtanga instructor
Alexey has been practicing Ashtanga yoga since 2007. He started to practice with authorise Russian teachers in Moscow and in 2010 became a student of KPJAYI. Since that time Alexey has made five individual trips to Mysore. He also attended teachers training with David Swenson, seminars and classes with Richard Freeman, Lino Miele, Petri Raisanen, Eddie Stern, Mark Darby and others. Alexey has started to teach yoga since 2010 in Moscow Ashtanga Yoga schools: Ashtanga Yoga Shala and Ashtanga Yoga Center.

Alexey Pavlyukov

Ashtanga instructor

Cristina Cranganu

Fitness instructor
Your personal trainers will help you to get Fit, and try to face the most effective training, Join Now!
Cristina Cranganu started dancing when she was 6 years old by attending modern dance classes ; later on, as a teenager she attended for a few months ballroom dancing classes , at the age of 17 became a cheerleader for a Romanian Hockey Team and at 18 got her first fitness certificate as an aerobics instructor in Romania. She did her first Zumba training in 2013 in Spain and since then she kept on attending fitness and nutrition trainings around the world - New York, Dubai, Spain . She is an Internationally Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, Certified Yoga Instructor she had the opportunity to train with celebrity trainers around the world and now she is bringing together all the knowledge and experience she has ,to help people become the best version of themselves . Her signature class is called Celebrity Fit - a mix of Zumba, Dance Fit , HIIT training, mat exercises, jumprope, resistance bands, pilates and Yoga elements and breathing exercises - all celebirty trainers inspired workouts to get you into your best shape ever. Her enthusiasm and energy to strive greatness will make even the most pesimistic person to start believing in himself. Cristina loves fitness and dancing and wants to share the passion and happiness that movement brings with you.

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